Yet another MS blog. I can’t promise that this will be any different to the others you have read or to contain any earth shattering news.

Everyone with MS is different, so it makes sense that everyone will choose their own path through this disease. These are the decisions I have made and I would encourage anyone else to do what feels right for them.

The first time I really knew something was going awry for me was Labour Day, September 1st, 2008. I had a whole manner of weird feelings on my legs. Next day was the first day of school and I was a school principal. In the hallways I couldn’t keep up with other teachers. At that time I was slim and fit, and went to the gym 5 times a week. I thought I must have really let myself go over the summer holiday!

By Thursday September 4th I was in hospital, diagnosed with transverse myelitis. The next day I had an MRI and MS was confirmed. I have never walked properly since and I was in a wheelchair full time within 6 months of my diagnosis. My career was over and I became a full time disabled person. I spend every afternoon in bed, 365 days a year, and an unusual form of physical and mental fatigue causes my “motherboard” to shut down, meaning I struggle to speak or move.

Life is for the living! I stay as mentally active as I can. My husband, Ian, is a marvel and is my full time care giver, and we love our Bernese Mountain Dogs, Lacey and, soon to be here, Deefer. I am currently co chair of the local chapter of my MS Society and I also speak as an MS Ambassador.

I hope you enjoy following a long with my journey!


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