Wondering where I’ve been and what I’ve been doing?

I’ve outgrown this blog, it seems! Over the last couple of months I’ve developed a website, that you can find here, where I can put more than I can put in this blog.

On it, you’ll find posts, that are all “followable”, and updates on other things I’m doing – including artwork. If you follow this blog, please go to the website and follow it as well, so that you can see anything I add there. The posts are much more friendly to me, as I can post little and often, rather than writing a huge blog post, which can be a challenge!

Winter certainly isn’t a friendly time for wheelchair users. Trying to find wheelchair ramps onto the sidewalk can be a challenge!

Wheelchair tire tracks leading from the ramp to the sidewalk

We have had a lot of snow at home. It shrinks my world, and I can’t help shovel the snow – no snow plough on the front on my chair! The snow is making some amazing shapes, though. Deefer, one of our dogs, enjoying the snowShapes in the snow on the lift into the hot tubOur garden covered in snowIan wearing a woollen beard to keep his face warm in the snow