A great little gadget from Cripple Concepts

I got this really great little gadget today – and it came with a freebie too!
I had had this little XLR to USB adapter that let me charge my phone or iPad off my wheelchair, but it fell apart and died. I searched around and found this amazing one from Jeff Winkler, a disabled engineer, who has his own company, Cripple Concepts. As you can see, it’s small but the difference with my previous one is that I can be plugged in and charging AND driving along – the other one, the chair had to be switched off.

This is the second generation charger – it seems the previous one was on Kickstarter and sold out, so Jeff made this one – even smaller than the first. When I ordered it he told me I was the first person in Canada – and when I opened the package he thrown in this free little light that goes on the front for being an early adopter! That’s what the dark photo with the dog hair on the carpet is – I was trying to show you the light!!

Excellent! I’m impressed! 

USB XLR adapter in my handUSB XLR adapter attached to wheelchair and  charging ipadLight shining from the USB XLR charger

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