A picture is worth???

Yesterday I was looking for a generic MS picture. I went on Google (of course) and googled “multiple sclerosis” (of course) and looked at the images (of course).

Many of the images were what I would expect, brains and nerves, and diagrams with symptoms, and “inspirational” stuff. However, there was a category that I wasn’t prepared for – images from advertisments.

Before we go any further – a disclaimer. I would never be able to work in advertising. I’m far too literal. I’m sure there’s an art and maybe even some science to producing an effective ad, but I’m not the personal to do it.

Below there’s the images that came up. The first thing that struck me was that. in this informal poll, more of the ads had men in them than women. And MS affects 3 times as many women as men. 

So here’s the things I learnt. You can work out which ad each comment goes with yourself.

Men with MS pee themselves and one guy really needs to see his doctor because it looks like his liver packed in. Or perhaps he spilled coffee on himself? Let’s hope it’s the coffee.
In this post-Ashley Madison world I really thought one guy was having an affair or had just spent some time with “a lady of the night”. No. He has another issue with the same part of the body as the two men above. Wow. Men have a really targeted experience with MS. Just affects that one little part of the body.

Then there’s naked guy stretched out over two pages. He’s certainly doing better than curled up naked woman who someone has written all over. If you’re female and you have MS and see someone with a marker, get away from them as fast as you can

And Jenga Man. He’d be fun to invite to parties.

Then there’s the dolls…MS has something to do with Chuckie?!? Or your leg snaps off?!? For the love of God, no!!!

Here’s my ad. MS is serious and crappy. If you have been diagnosed, please get in touch with someone who can support you. If you know someone who has been diagnosed, give them the support they ask for rather than the support you think they need. (If you need a picture of someone naked you can have one of my dogs. They’re generally naked, but covered in fur.)




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