Life is for living!

In the last week we have had two additions to our family.

On Friday, July 3rd, we added Deefer to our family – D fer Dog – geddit?!? (Thanks to David on the TV show HeartBeat for that!). Deefer is a beautiful Bernese Mountain Dog boy, joining Lacey, our 3 year old Berner, and making him the 5th Berner we have had in our family.

Any newborn is hard work. Unfortunately Ian has to carry the brunt of the early morning and the cleaning up after him and so on. But hey – puppy!!! So cute and so much fun!


Yesterday we got the call to say that our latest granddaughter had been born – Katara Lily, weighing in at 6lb 13oz. Their house isn’t wheelchair accessible, so my best chance of seeing her was to get to the hospital…in Surrey…only 3.5 hours away!

We loaded the car with a doggy picnic and two dogs and set off. Multiple stops later – puppies have small bladders and we wanted it to be a comfortable ride for him – we finally got there!

It was a joy to see Kanata hold her new sister for the first time and well worth today’s “payback” (I can’t transfer independently). 

What a week! Life is definitely for living!



One thought on “Life is for living!

  1. Go Girl Go! Very good work on this site. I miss wording with you and sharing the humor!
    KGH reminds me of UBC. “We have done it this way for 100 years, why would we change for you?”
    PS Nice Dogs! And The new shagging wagon!….. Retro 1970’s….funky!
    You have a date with Fish and Chips!
    Happy New Year!


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