New directions from my neurologist appointment

I know that lots of people have had poor experiences at me time or another with their doctors over the course of their MS, and as I’ve written before, I too have had that experience.

My current neurologist is wonderful. Absolutely wonderful. My 30 minutes appointment yesterday again lasted for an hour and 15 minutes! We covered a wide range of topics and finally came out with a new plan of attack for part of my MS. A new Disease Modifying Drug. My current one is doing its MS job well but giving me a few infections that concerns him.

Last year my neurologist told me that he didn’t understand why this new drug he wants to try, Aubagio, is on the market, as its statistics in reducing the rate of relapse were about 30%, low, and at the same level as the drugs from 20 years ago. Now they have seen that something different is happening. Either the rate is 0% or really high, like 60%. Quite simply, the wrong average was used! I know many of my former Math students will share my horror!

Road trip in reverse today. A lot to think about. Changing drugs always brings ups and downs, and some adjustment. I’m sure there will be more from me on this in the future!


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