Road trip!

A quick post today as I’m on the road. I’m off to UBC Vancouver to see my neurologist. Only a 5 hour trip down there, an overnight hotel stay and driving back the next day.

Travelling is exhausting. My usual routine of being in my bed by 1pm by the very latest is upset. I don’t get the quiet rest and sleep that I usually get and I’m surrounded by far too much stimulus. We don’t even put music on in the van any more, as it’s just too much for my brain.

Having the van and my chair means I can tilt my chair back and get some sleep that way. However, being in a vehicle and having to use all those muscles you never think about using every time the van goes round a corner or hits a bump is exhausting. I just can’t explain it.

However, the weather is gorgeous and it is great to have a change of scenery. Road trip!!!


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