Wheels and more wheels, and a couple of sticks

I started with a stick or two and a walker. Within 6 months I added the manual chair, but couldn’t move it by myself. I used my feet on the floor in the house. Then I ordered the big chair, but it became clear that I wouldn’t fit it into the bathroom, so I got the little granny electric one too!
Now I use the big one all the time and Ian is currently putting a wider door on the bathroom!

I think I could make my own mobility product catalogue! I did write a leaflet for our local MS Clinic to use, to help people to make decisions over what they need.

Some people have an emotional or psychological reaction to becoming a wheelchair user. I just had joy, because I could get around with it, and I couldn’t without it. It’s just a tool! I don’t get upset about wearing glasses; the wheelchair is no different!



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