Dealing with People from Stupidville

This is for all of us with reduced mobility, wheelchair and walker users, not just MS!Friday night, as everyone well knows, is fish n chip night for us at C Lovers. We have a favourite disabled parking spot there because it’s actually wide enough for us to get the ramp down at the side of the van.

We parked and went for fish n chips no problem. However, when we came out, we found this parked on the ramp. It’s not the first time and it’s not the last. The implication for me is that I have to go and find a different ramp and make my way up the road in a very busy parking lot. Often after fish n chips my special type of fatigue has set in and it’s mentally and physically tough for me to do that.

As I got to the van, someone was getting into the passenger side of the van. I politely explained the problem that this had caused me. The reply? They didn’t understand that they couldn’t park like that because they were from out of town!!! Oh, that’s okay then. They come from Stupidville!!!

If anyone knows which town they may have come from that makes it okay to park up a ramp that’s got yellow markings on it, please let me know!!! Perhaps they need some help… 



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