Treating the symptoms

Having talked about the range of symptoms someone can have with MS, what can be done?
Everyone has a different set of symptoms and, as with any disease, everyone has different ideas and beliefs as to how to treat their disease. This is just my approach.

Here are the medications I take on a daily basis, 4 times a day. As Kanata once said, enough medicine for a family! There are others that I take just as situations arise.

There is no cure for MS. The only medication that directly deals with MS is the packet on the left hand side. The rest are for symptoms, and mostly for pain and spasticity. There is no treatment for my biggest symptom, fatigue. There are a few suggestions for it, but none of them have great success with MS fatigue. I’ve tried them all and none worked.

And it should also be said that this is just this week’s set up. Things change regularly.

I’ll explain more about some of the drugs in coming days, and some other things I have tried. As I said, this is very much the things I have chosen to use for my set of symptoms. Everyone is different.



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