MS Advocacy on Parliament Hill

Advocacy is a very important part of the work of the MS Society. On a local level we are currently in the process of meeting with City and Provincial officials to advocate for a better HandyDart (Paratransit) system. I’m really passionate about it as many people with MS don’t have their own Hewitt to drive them around and become even more isolated.At a National level, the MS Society is on Parliament Hill today. It is meeting with MPs from all sides to advocate for our members needs. I’ve posted a link to it.

The photo is our local MP, Ron Cannan, from here in Kelowna at the MS booth in the parliament building. While I make no comment on his politics, I definitely appreciate the support he gives us, both as a society and to me personally. (I suppose it helps that Ian and I took his daughter to Ecuador and brought her back in one piece…) 



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