MS – the reality

My first few posts for the month have coincided with Dee’s celebration of life and the MS Walk. Lots of celebrate – lots of bright cheery photos! It’s definitely not like that on a daily basis.We got home at 1pm on Sunday, at least 30 minutes past the time I’m usually in bed for the afternoon. Ian left immediately to go back to do the clean up and I phoned Pauline to tell her all about it.

I got off the phone – time to transfer out of my chair and get into bed and…nothing. I couldn’t move my legs at all and my arms were really weak.

For those of you who don’t know, transferring is a really important part of being in wheelchair. Without being able to transfer independently you are reliant on someone else every time you need to get out of your chair – use the loo, go to bed.

We usually remember that when I’ve been out and had a busy time my body has likely shut down, but we forgot. I had to ring Ian and tell him not to go geocaching but to come home! And I had to snooze in my wheelchair and wait for him. No other choice.

It lasted all day and into Monday. Today, Tuesday, I sort of trust myself again, but it won’t take much to take that bit of independence away from me again.


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