Dee Rogers

As this is MS Awareness Month, I’m going to try to post something about MS, or about my life with MS, or the MS Society every day.
Today was the celebration of Life for my dear friend Dee Rogers who passed away in January. She had MS for 50 years, with 30 years in a wheelchair, and she accomplished more in her life than you could ever imagine. 
Dee was a prolific writer, and as part of the celebration her grandchildren read a bucket list that they had found in her laptop. It included items as varied as “help fix the Philippines” (she was writing just after Typhoon Haiyan), “do a skydive” and “tie my own shoelaces”. The first two items speak to Dee’s passion for life and her philosophy of living life to the maximum, and the third speaks to the reality of MS where we are robbed of the ability to the simplest things for ourselves.  
Dee will forever inspire me to continue to push myself to achieve more than I thought was possible and not to allow my disability to limit me. Her favourite saying was “Shoot for the moon! If you miss, you’ll end up in the stars!” Dee is now one of those stars shining down on us all. 



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